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Black Rock Domains offers fit for purpose web design and development packages to startups, bloggers, professionals, small to medium enterprises and select corporates. We are passionate about delivering accessible, elegant, reliable and scalable web orientated solutions to our Mauritian, African and international clients. Our packages span website packages, blog packages and e-commerce packages.

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Website Packages

Our website packages provide full solutions for simple to expansive website needs – start to finish. From conception to goign live, our team will supply a comprehensive service where you have full insite into your new webiste.

Bronze Website Package

The Bronze Package is a solution that is ideal for a first step into building an online presence. The package covers the needs for a simple site and is perfect for clients who don't require high levels of functionality. An elegant solution for a simple website....

Silver Website Package

The Silver Website Package offers a comprehensive solution for clients who need a bit more than the basics. With up to 8 pages of elegantly styled content, this package enables a full web solution with great style and functionality. Contact us to see how the Silver...

Gold Website Package

The Gold Package is our flagship pre-set website solution. With full functionality, access to all add-ons and additional features as well as bespoke design elements to help boost your website's aesthetic. This package is perfect for most SME's looking to make a splash...

Platinum Website Package

The ultimate website solution. The Platinum Package is a service supplied by Black Rock Domains in partnership with our sister company, Black Rock Brands. This white glove solution brings the incredible functionality of the Gold Package with a sophisticated, fully bespoke design supplied by Black Rock Brands. From design elements, and pack backgrounds, to custom animations and imagery, the Platinum Package is the pinnacle of Website Solutions.

Blog Packages

Whether you are just starting out or are going for a full revamp, our bloggins solutions are specially packaged to give creative control and insite into your blog and it’s success.

Onyx Blog Package

The ultimate blogging solution. A blog can be considered to be piece of art in which the author bares their truest thoughts, feelings and experiences to enrich the lives of their audience. At Black Rock Domains, we know that creating such special content requires a meticulous level of detail and attention. Our Onyx Package is a curated solution for a top tier blog sporting bespoke dessigns and elegant interactions for every device the content could be cosumed on.

Ivory Blog Package

The Ivory Package is a fully encompassing blogging solution. This package give clients a fully designed site along with blog post templates and training on how to best optimise content for style and SEO. With great looks and full connectivity to your social media,...

Graphite Blog Package

If you are looking to start your own blog but just need a kick-start to get a blogging solution set up, this package is for you! The Graphite Package is a simple, minimalise service that gets clients set up with a bloggins solution and training in how to use it....

e-Commerce Packages

As the world continues to shift toward a digital way of life, being able to supply your products and service through an online platform is becoming more and more important.

Online Store Package

Taking your products online can be a daunting task. How to display products, upselling and cross selling, payment portals, user accounts are just a few of the key aspects to the day-to-day of an online store. With the Online Store Package, we aim to supply a...

Online Bookings Package

Taking your services online can be a daunting task. How to display services, upselling and cross selling, payment portals, user accounts are just a few of the key aspects to the day-to-day of an online booking systems. With the Online Bookings Package, we aim to...

Hosting and Maintenance

A web solution doesnt simply end at publication. Becasue we know the long term well being of your online presence is vital to your success, Black Rock Domains has packaged together a few options for regular maintenance. Covering system updates, design or content changes and analytic.

Tier 1 – Hosting and Maintenance

Regular maintenance is a vital part of keeping a web presence running well, looking great and attracting visitors. With our Tier 1 Hosting and Maintenance Package, your Black Rock Domains web solution, we cover the on-going costs for hosting your site on our partnered...

Tier 2 – Hosting and Maintenance

For clients who are looking for more detailed insights, regular content updates and more demanding day-to-day needs, our Tier 2 Hosting and Maintenance Package is the monthly solution to go for. With highly detailed meta reports emailed to you monthly and on call...

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