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Art by Izette

Art by Izette is a project that aimed to establish a robust online presence with a focus on e-commerce capabilities and efficient client engagement. The project involved the creation of a base site with an integrated e-commerce platform, along with an additional page to showcase key information.

The website stands as a testament to Izette's commitment to exceptional client engagement, showcasing her unwavering dedication to sharing her art with the world and fostering meaningful connections through it.

The website's core functionality was enhanced through the implementation of a user-friendly booking system for meetings. This feature allowed clients to easily schedule appointments, fostering seamless communication and convenience. To ensure optimal performance and reliability, we provided Izette's website with the Plus 1 hosting and maintenance service. Regular updates and maintenance checks were conducted to uphold the website's accessibility and security, providing visitors with a smooth browsing experience. In addition to hosting and maintenance, the project incorporated the MS 365 simple package, offering a suite of tools to streamline internal operations. The e-commerce platform served as a central hub for Izette's products and services, providing a seamless shopping experience for customers. With secure payment gateways and intuitive navigation, the website facilitated easy transactions, boosting customer satisfaction and driving business growth.

Base site with integrated e-commerce platform

Additional page for showcasing key information

User-friendly booking system for meetings

Plus 1 hosting & maintenance service

MS 365 Simple Package

Secure payment gateways & intuitive navigation


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